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5 Ways TRUBLUE Can Help a Climbing Gym Reopen and Operate with Success

As climbing gyms around the world plan a reopening strategy, we are all looking for ways to balance maximum access to our facility with the health and safety of our staff and climbers. With potential measures like reduced gym capacities, mandatory reservations with time allotments, and climber distancing enforcement on the horizon it will be important to efficiently manage climber flow and facility cleaning. Whether you’re a longtime user of TRUBLUE Auto Belays or never have had one in your gym before, here are 5 ways that TRUBLUE can help your gym’s success during reopening. 

  1. Climber Distancing - By creating a dedicated TRUBLUE Auto Belay area, climbers can not only climb at a distance from one another, but also avoid contact and proximity with a climbing partner.

  2. No Partner, No Problem - With many gyms looking at appointment based reopening strategies, finding a time that works for you and your partner could be challenging. Climbing partners might also need to keep their distance. Increased TRUBLUE Auto Belay options can alleviate these issues.

  3. Low Touch Climbing - With sensitivity to surface exposure and the maintenance of high-touch surfaces, a simple wipe down of a TRUBLUE Auto Belay lanyard and carabiner with Isopropyl Alcohol (then link to the cleaning white paper) could be a far more attractive option than two people handling an entire length of rope.

  4. Bring New Climbers To The Gym - We’ve heard from a lot of gyms that they’re going to be looking at reopening like they are a startup again. In some cases, that’ll mean recruiting new climbers. Rather than teaching lengthy belay courses (or worse, being understaffed and unable to offer belay courses), TRUBLUE Auto Belays can be a great tool to get people on the wall quickly.

  5. Get More Reps In Less Time - With a focus on timeslots, or appointment setting, your members and visitors may need to get their workouts in during a much shorter time period than they are accustomed to. If they only have one hour, spending half the time belaying a partner could be problematic. Auto Belay only appointments might be a good option for those climbers that want to come in and get their laps.