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Adventure and High Ropes Courses amalgamate a whole range of exciting and innovative climbing facilities – towers, walls, challenge courses, you name it – most of which are suitable for indoors as well as outdoors. As far as the design of climbing parks is concerned there is nothing we can't do. Based on years of professional experience, our team of creative designers knows what makes an unique, innovative and exciting concept and how to realise it, thereby helping you turning your climbing park into a commercial success.

Our Challenge portfolio comprises the following product categories:

  • Adventure towers
  • Climbing trees and walls
  • High ropes and low ropes climbing courses
  • Innovative concepts for various indoor climbing facilities
  • Challenge activity courses
  • Ziplines, Flying Foxes, treetop walkways & Death Rides

However, the target audience of our climbing parks are not only people who want to spend their leisure time actively. Our Adventure concepts are also a great idea for company outings or activity days for employees. In this context, Active Adventure climbing parks provide a wide range of stimulating activities for everybody - from children to adults, from individuals to families or groups of friends, from people who like the occasional physical activity (or simply want to try something different for a change) to the super-fit who exercise regularly.

Each climbing park encompasses a number of subsequent activity courses which offer different routes according to different difficulty levels. Completing these courses not only helps building the confidence of each individual visitor but also contributes to the development of co-operation and team spirit in visiting groups who tackle the courses together.

What do we offer?

We design and supply climbing parks for a wide range of businesses in the Tourist, Health, Leisure and Recreation sector. For many of our customers, our Challenge climbing parks have been first choice to either diversify further pre-existing facilities on their site or to provide a fresh and ecologically friendly concept of recreational outdoor activities. Furthermore, our challenge courses or adventure parks in conjunction with holiday resorts as well as with hotel, restaurant and catering in general offer a lucrative business opportunity.

Designed to be operated in harmony with the natural environment

Adventure and High Ropes Courses are designed under the strictest ecological criteria. Any material we use is either natural or eco-friendly. During the assembly process of our climbing parks on site no damage is done to either trees or the surrounding environment. Our concept is supported by current government health inititatives in conjunction with encouraging people to get active and re-discover their natural enviroment.

Our products fully comply with the European guidelines for the quality and safety of climbing parks and high ropes courses (NEN EN 15567-1, -2). Upon request, we arrange for a technical assessment of our climbing parks by an independent body prior to initial operation. Additionally, we offer a maintenance agreement to guarantee the continuous functionality and user safety of any climbing park provided by us.