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The innovative new challenge course will open to the public at the beginning of October.
The HiLo Challenge Dome is a geodesic dome structure that is intrinsically strong with fantastic energy efficiency. An innovative rope course stretches 44 feet across the dome at a height of up to 37 feet offering high and low level activities within the same footprint.

A New Kind of Free-Fall Thrill Ride, Coming 2015: We are thrilled to announce the newest product for the adventure and amusement industries - FlightLine, a commercial free-fall thrill ride. We strive to constantly push boundaries and our newest device promises to take your business to new heights.

The TRUBLUE XL Auto Belay has received final certification for European safety standard BS EN 341 for personal protective equipment against falls from a height specific to descender devices.

Auto-Belays not just for climbing gym: An auto belay – the device that slowly lowers you to the ground without help from another person – is synonymous with climbing. Not anymore. An auto belay can be used for any instance where you need to get down to the ground in a reliable, comfortable, and controlled way. This could be an intentional descent, like to get down from a zip line platform, or as a safety-device to prevent falls.

Creating and managing places where children engage with nature: Creating and managing places where children engage with nature, offers a set of guidelines for those who create, manage or promote development of nature spaces in the everyday environments of children, youth, and families, especially in urban/suburban communities. The goal is to attract kids and families outdoors to interact directly...