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New Guidelines (RFU) for Auto Belays in Climbing Gyms and Ropes Courses - Skywalker - Adventure Builders

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A short time ago, we announced that we updated our TRUBLUE Auto Belay CE certification and that the device is now certified and tested to 10x the Class A of EN341:2011 standard. For reference, that is 15,000% more consecutive testing cycles than a Class C device. This past month, Vertical Group 11 (Protection against Falls from a Height) issued a RFU in regards to the PPE testing requirement that mandates lowering devices for climbing walls, aerial adventure and ropes courses must be tested to ten times CE EN341:2011 Class A descent tests.

The TRUBLUE has already met this standard.

What does that mean?
If you are operating a climbing gym, climbing wall, a climbing competition, aerial adventure or a ropes course with an Auto Belay device that DOES NOT test to ten CE EN341:2011 Class A descent tests, you could be doing so in violation of CE regulations in the near future. A Class C tested device is not designed for high repetitive use and does not meet the new PPE test requirements. By using a device only tested to the Class C standard, you could be putting climbers and your business at risk.

Why does this matter in a practical sense?
Indoor climbing operations receive much higher use than industrial safety applications where such a device has to arrest one fall only to serve its purpose. An Auto Belay device in a climbing gym can receive hundreds of cycles per day and tens of thousands of cycles per year. That is a sufficient number of cycles to wear out a Class C device well before it can be inspected within the prescribed service interval. Imagine what happens when the life of a product is only fractional to the actual usage? In short, when a transmission or brake wears out, a climber falls without arrest.

Why was this RFU drafted?
After a number of incidents involving Class C devices, the Personal Protective Group wants to prevent it from happening again. The TRUBLUE meets the new 10x Class testing requirements, positioning us as the leader in the Auto Belay market.

Check with your Auto Belay manufacturer to ensure you are operating in accordance to these new safety guidelines.

TRUBLUE Auto Belays are the #1 Auto Belays in the world for a reason. Used in over 60 countries on 6 continents and with roughly 1 billion descents a year, TRUBLUE is the most tested, most trusted and most TRU Auto Belay on the market.

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