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This is an unique opportunity to convert a (unused) cavern or mine into a high throughput adventure solution. This new adventure solution can easily be combined with exciting zipline's, klettersteig trails and free-fall options.

Most likely the thought hasn't crossed your mind because aside from the few who like to sky dive or bungee jump, most of us prefer to keep our feet firmly on the ground. Even though we started with auto belays for the climbing industry, we are technically in the business of falling. 

Regardless of your zip line location or design, the zipSTOP Zip Line Brake is a great investment to help increase throughput, improve customer experience, mitigate risk and positively impact your bottom line.

The innovative new challenge course will open to the public at the beginning of October.
The HiLo Challenge Dome is a geodesic dome structure that is intrinsically strong with fantastic energy efficiency. An innovative rope course stretches 44 feet across the dome at a height of up to 37 feet offering high and low level activities within the same footprint.

A New Kind of Free-Fall Thrill Ride, Coming 2015: We are thrilled to announce the newest product for the adventure and amusement industries - FlightLine, a commercial free-fall thrill ride. We strive to constantly push boundaries and our newest device promises to take your business to new heights.