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We are always striving to set new standards in our industry. Since there isn't a Free Fall Category in regards to EN standards, we got a little creative and unlocked the potential of the QuickFlight even more. Known as a jump device, there is now so much more you can do with QuickFlight going forward to increase your revenue and create more unique experiences for your customers.

Exciting New Possibilities

One of the most exciting things about this new certification is it opens up the possibilities for new uses. The QuickFlight is now not only a Free Fall Device, but users can climb from the ground up on it too! 

  • Climb and Jump - Imagine your participant clipping it at ground level, climbing to an elevated platform and then getting the thrill of QuickFlight when he/she leaps off the top.
  • Leap and Glide - Imagine a short zip line where you get to enjoy the excitement of free fall with the glide of a zip line...potentially while trying to land on specific targets.
  • Leap and Grab - Imagine jumping off a raised platform to try to grab on to an object before lowering slowly to the ground.  The added excitement of Free Fall takes this tried and true element up a notch. 

What does this mean?

In order to garner the EN341:2011-1A Certification, we had to certify this product as a descender. That means it went through the same rigorous testing that our TRUBLUE Auto Belay goes through, including, but not limited to:

  • Descent Energy Test
  • Dynamic and Static strength of system 
  • Environmental effects on System (cold, wet, heat, etc.)
  • Corrosion Resistance


Is my old QuickFlight now CE Certified?

The first serial numbers to carry the CE mark are QF00383 and QFXL00237. Users can also check the manual and device labels to see when your device was manufactured and if it carries the CE logo if you are unsure.

Can I upgrade my device?

Yes – you can work with your Authorized service center to change your current device to a CE Certified QuickFlight.  The changeover would be similar to an annual service and new labels will be installed as well as a new manual included.

Can I Climb on my old device?

If you want to climb on your QuickFlight it must be upgraded to a CE Certified model.  All that requires is sending it for it's annual service or if it's out of service cycle contact your local Service Center and we'll update the label requirements for you.

Do I have to meet new manual requirements with my QuickFlight currently in use?

No, devices manufactured pre-CE Certification changeover are bound by the original user manual that shipped with the device.

What are the major changes to the device?

While the device has remained unchanged mechanically and most installation specifications have also remained consistent, new device labels and manual requirements have changed slightly to comply with EN standards.

What are the major manual changes?

The ability to climb on the device and new larger fall attenuation surface requirements are the major changes to the user manual. The fall attenuation requirements used to be 2x2m with a 1m critical fall height and have been upgraded to 2.5x2.5m with a 3m critical fall height. There is also clarification on orientation of the unit to maximize webbing life. User weight ranges, mounting heights, and clearances have all remained.

What is a 3m Fall Attenuation Surface?

Depending on the jurisdiction you are under or standards you must comply with this surface could vary.  Playground and climbing gym standards may be good references.  Mulch (wood or rubber) and padding/mats are possible options.  ASTM F1292 and EN1176/1177 would be standards to consider.

Is my old device unsafe?

Absolutely not!  The devices are mechanically identical and 3rd party testing has proven the long-lasting design of the QuickFlight.  Rest assured if you are happy with your original QuickFlight you can keep using it.

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