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In May 2019 we constructed the fabulous Kielder ZipCoaster in the UK, and the response has been great. Over 3000 people from kids to grandparents have enjoyed the ups, downs, twists and turns of a rollercoaster and the free-flying sensation of a zip wire. 

Using an adapted roller coaster rail, the custom-built Roller Coaster Zipline in Kielder sees thrill-seekers safely harnessed into a seated position as they glide amongst the trees, dipping and twisting at speeds of up to 20mph. The ride is 197.6mtr long with 8 Vertical Elements and 3 Horizontal Elements, including a 270-degree turn and a 3m free-fall drop.

But the client wanted more… at Calvert Kielder they are renowned for our innovative approach to outdoor activities for disabled adults and children helping them to gain confidence and improve their health and wellbeing… and now they have the 1st Wheelchair Accessible ZipCoaster in Europe.

By adding the specialist lift, we have made access possible for wheelchair users and those who are unable to climb stairs. The ‘straight through vertical platform lift’ has a weight capacity of 250kg, safety sensor and manual override. Our professional activity instructors will assist riders to transfer from and to their wheelchairs by hoists situated on the launch and landing platforms.

We are thrilled that the ZipCoaster is now available to their guests and visitors of all abilities.

If you require additional information on the ZipCoaster, read this article or use the this form to issue your request.