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Experience safe, adrenaline-filled and carefree adventure

Innovative designed and manufactured continuous belay systems for the aerial adventure industry.

Saferoller is the world's first rolling continuous belay system. It can be installed with safety line out-of-reach for maximum adrenaline rush. Ideal for Saferoller® Kids Trail and Zip Lines of any lenght. From 4 years and up, just slip on and roll. Rugged, durable and dependable. Your safety is assured.

Speedrunner is the economic, free-running solution for your aerial adventure with the industry first self-closing gap mechanism for your aerial adventure park. With the safety line at half height, it can be installed in a variety of configurations. Just hook and go. Simple, secure and safe. 

Both systems meet the demands of operators worldwide. They are specifically designed to increase user turnover rates and decrease operating costs.

Installed in over 700 trails in 450 adventure parks spanning 56 countries across 5 continents. We are the most powerful engine in the industry. Let us design your optimum package.

  • Swiss Made
  • Easy Installation
  • Lowest maintenance requirements on the market
  • Maximum Return on Investment
  • Minimal supervision required
  • Course can be completed faster, increasing customer turnover rates
  • Quickly adapted for persons with disabilities
  • Reduce annual Operating Costs 25-35%
  • Safety is paramount

Our experienced consulting team will help you custom design your adventure park to maximize turnover, reduce waiting lines on platforms and increase customer satisfaction.

Breathtaking views, Endless thrills and Maximum adrenaline rush

Saferoller and Speedrunner continuous belay systems offer unlimited configuration possibilities: High Ropes Courses, Climbing Parks, Adventure Parks, Amusement Parks, Saferoller Kids Trail and Saferoller Mobile Kids Trail, Canopy Tours, Zip Lines, Retrofit, Skywalk & Via Ferrata or Saferoller Mobile Aerial Adventure Trailer.

From team building to individual challenge, Saferoller and Speedrunner continuous belay systems are your #1 choice.