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Catch-and-Hold belay is the latest feature from TRUBLUE's iQ Series Auto Belays. Available only in the TRUBLUE iQ+, Catch-and-Hold belay is activated and deactivated using two touch-sensitive on/off buttons.

Here's how a climber uses Catch-and-Hold belay:

Step 1: Before climbing, assess your harness. Make sure you're double-backed and ready to climb. Unlatch the webbing from the belay gate, and lock the carabiner into your belay loop. Pull down on the auto belay webbing, ensuring that the webbing retracts. Don't climb if the webbing doesn't retract. Finally, double check that the carabiner gate is locked 

Step 2: Touch the TRUBLUE button near the starting holds to activate Catch-and-Hold belay. You'll notice a pulsing blue light. This means catch-and-hold mode is ready. If not activated, TRUBLUE iQ+ functions as a normal auto belay.

Step 3: Climb on! During your climb, if you fall, Catch-and-Hold will activate. Look down at the on button, and the light will be solid blue while holding you, then begin to flash when time is running low. Each auto belay can be programmed by the gym to hold the climber for 15, 20, or 30 seconds. Continue climbing any time before the device releases, and the catch-and-hold mode will be reset. You can do this — fall, hang and resume climbing — an unlimited number of times so long as the hang time does not exceed the preset time programmed by the gym. If you wish to lower to the ground, simply wait for Catch-and-Hold to release.

Step 4: You made it to the top of the route! Let go of the wall, and Catch-and-Hold will keep you there until the timer runs out—or press the touch-sensitive off button to be lowered down immediately. 

See Catch and Hold Belay in action here:

When is this available?  The TRUBLUE iQ+ with Catch-and-Hold belay will be shipping early 2022. But you can purchase a TRUBLUE iQ today, which has all the features of an iQ+ minus Catch-and-Hold belay, then upgrade your device to iQ+ in 2022. 

Can I get stuck? No, the longest time you'll spend suspended is 30 seconds, which is the perfect amount of time to shake out your arms and climb on. Of course, if you make it to the top of the route, you can activate the off button located near the finishing holds. This will allow you to descend immediately.

Can I change the amount of time it will hold me after a fall? No, at this time only gym staff can change the preset hang time. Want us to include this as a future feature? 

What if it runs out of power? The Catch-and-Hold brake and electrical components are completely redundant to the primary magnetic brake. If the device runs out of power, the belay will function as a normal auto belay. Think of it as an escalator—an escalator with no power is just a set of stairs.

Catch-and-hold is the future of indoor auto-belay climbing. But don't take our word for it: 

"It goes without saying that this new advancement in auto-belay technology is huge for the indoor climbing scene. Auto-belays have grown increasingly popular in recent years, and they're great for fast laps or warm-ups/cool-downs. That said, the one insurmountable drawback (until now) is that traditional auto-belays are essentially useless if you're projecting a hard route, since you must start from the base of the wall any time you bungle a move. With the iQ+, that problem has been solved. Climbers can now project climbs at or above their usual send-grade without worrying about starting from square one after each and every fall."


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