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Have you ever desired to fly like Superman? With the Superman Zipline Harness, you can fly headfirst down a zipline while still being secured and protected. The rider's balance is maintained by numerous adjustment points. Even when participants are already on the zipline tower or ZipCoaster, the safety straps make it simple to put on and take off. You are kept in place by high-strength quick-adjust buckles and adjustable shoulder and leg straps. Super comfortable, super safe, and super fun!

The Superman Zipline Harness offers the ultimate exhilarating ‘flying’ experience and is ideally suited to long, fast & high adrenaline lines! The new Superman harness is re-designed for reduced weight and interchangeable lanyard system, all components can be replaced with upgrades when needed. Your facility can achieve greater operational efficiency because flyers are prepared to attach to the harness as they arrive on the takeoff deck. The zipline harness is unique in allowing rapid trolley attachment and faster strap adjustments. The system is designed for consistently fast setup and release, which can increase volume and profits.

The Superman harness is mounted directly to the attachment holes of the Zipline Trolley. This one-piece harness has a sewn in mounting bridle, which can be replaced as required. When not in use, the foot-bar can be rolled up and stored on the body of the harness, using two quick-fastening clips. The harness is worn as a suit and users are free to walk between zip lines, without having to remove the harness.

Note: The Superman Zipline harness can be ordered with a suspension kit. The suspension kit is depending on the trolleys you use. Please let us know in the order comments what trolleys you plan to use in combination with the harness.

The Superman Harness is compatible with our high speed trolley's like the Magnetic Self-Braking Zipline Trolley or the Large ZipSpeed Trolley.


  • Harness Weight: 3kg
  • One size: easily adjustable to any body type
  • Long life span, easy to clean with very low maintenance
  • Max. weight range: 150kg
  • Flyer Comfort
    • Leg & back support for comfort throughout duration of flight
    • Light weight, & comfortable
    • Put on and off with extreme ease