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The ZipCoaster is an aerial zip line that simulates the sensation of free flight while remaining entirely safe. Not only thrill-seekers but also those who long for new experiences enjoy the flight. Every Zipline Coaster we make has a distinctive custom design, and the Extreme model can reach speeds of up to 50 km/h.

The ZipCoaster is ideal for outdoor settings, whether it is used as a panoramic observational ride or a really exhilarating one. The coaster immediately establishes itself as a favorite attraction of thrill seekers and adventure seekers equally, whether they are visiting ski resorts, adventure zones, or theme parks. The Rollercoaster Zipline can be self-standing, suspended from trees, or even combined with an existing ski lift. It is highly flexible to the landscape.

The ZipCoaster is the greatest adventure inside. Riders can immerse themselves in the experience and enjoy the rush of flight in both its Electric and Gravity forms. Additionally, the Electric ZipCoaster has a manual speed control capability that lets users choose their own journey. Since the ride can run in a closed loop and is space-efficient, just one operator is required to operate it. Challenge courses and other items can be readily linked with either of the Zipline Coaster ride types.

The brand-new, ground-breaking mechanism enables ziplines to glide, zigzag, and twist, creating exhilarating experiences unmatched by anything else. The turns' suspense and gravitational force offer a zipline experience that is unique and unforgettable.

The best entertainment for families

The Family Entertainment Center and trampoline park concepts were taken into consideration when developing the new ZipCoaster for FEC's. Any indoor park may affordably add a distinctive up-charge attraction with the Rollercoaster Zipline. The ride, which is enjoyed by both adults and children, stands out among other attractions because to its design that takes into account the intended experience and the available area.

When Family Entertainment Center offer Family-friendly experiences, like the ZipCoaster, are the ideal way to engage kids in entertainment, encourage repeat business, and expand capacity. It is simple to take use of the Zip Coaster without having to give up other attractions thanks to the flexible structure, which can fit in practically any available space, even unused ceiling regions.

Since the ZipCoaster is entirely hanging from the ceiling, no large or intricate on-site construction is required. Children and adults alike are drawn to the Rollercoaster Zipline, a thrilling area attraction that is unique to the normal FEC. With just one employee operating it at all times, the ZipCoaster has a capacity of up to 40 people each hour.

The main attraction of mountain adventures

The ZipCoaster is slated to establish itself as a staple summer attraction, whether it takes the form of a calm, scenic aerial ride or a fast, exhilarating one. It enables guests to completely appreciate the grandeur of the mountainous landscape while soaring above hills and through forests. The ride comes in three varieties: extreme, panoramic, and mixed, with two parallel lines offering utterly distinct sensations.

All mountain resorts should use the Zip Coaster as their main summer attraction since it gives guests a fresh perspective on the mountain's magnificence. By incorporating the thrilling ZipCoaster in your mountain resort portfolio, you can offer your visitors a brand-new, exhilarating adventure. The ride has demonstrated to diversify every location and bring in new consumers during the off-season, and it is predicted to increase revenue as soon as the first year of summer operations.

Many different types of people love the ZipCoaster, from families with young children to thrill-seeking millennials who choose the Extreme Zip. For resorts to have a young clientele that is pleased to visit all year long, variety is essential.

In contrast to the now-tired mountain coaster, the ZipCoaster delivers the singular experience of free soaring, which is a wonderful breath of fresh air. Such diversification offers a chance for long-term income development in light of current season shortening and skier retirements.

Raise the bar for shopping malls

People of all ages enjoy the exhilarating flying sensation provided by the ZipCoaster. The Rollercoaster Zipline is more useful than ever in the context of the experience economy, where consumers worldwide increasingly value experiences over merely purchasing goods.

Due to the preference for upscale experiences among shoppers at malls, the ZipCoaster is poised to provide your location exceptional value. This ride will give your store space new vitality thanks to its capacity to draw customers in and allow large capacities of up to 120 persons per hour. Furthermore, you won't have to give up commercial space to install the ride because the construction can make use of empty places.

Since both children and adults enjoy the ZipCoaster, it quickly established itself as a popular anchor attraction and a fantastic replacement for the stale anchor store. The ZipCoaster can be suspended from a ceiling or placed above other amenities, freeing up space that tenants could occupy. In essence, the trip generates income from a previously underutilized area.

The ZipCoaster may make your shopping center stand out from the competition and attract new customers with its distinctive experience. The ride has already proven a huge hit at retail malls across numerous nations. The Zipline Coaster is the ideal substitute for a roller coaster since it is an exhilarating, readily theme-able attraction that offers a much-needed unique experience. The ZipCoaster is quite similar to one, with twists, turns, and a thrilling top speed of 50 km/h, but because of the ride's less constricted atmosphere, riders get to truly experience the sensation of free flight.

The pinnacle of flying entertainment in Amusement Parks

A superb freestanding attraction for any park, the ZipCoaster ride may be upgraded to suit around existing structures. The ZipCoaster, which can achieve speeds of up to 50 km/h and has a capacity of up to 240 people per hour, was designed to satiate thrill-seekers of all ages. The ride promises to achieve the ideal fusion of extreme thrills and creative brilliance thanks to its unlimited theming possibilities.

In contrast to the majority of the existing rides, the ZipCoaster is a new attraction that offers a novel experience. Particularly in times like the present, when people are looking for not just the most exciting but also the newest specialty experiences, this novelty makes the ZipCoaster an instant crowd magnet.

With its top speed of 50 km/h and several loops and bends, the ZipCoaster is a unique form of zip coaster and provides for the ideal adrenaline attraction.

Numerous theming possibilities exist with the ZipCoaster, especially when combined with other attractions. We have created everything from trees to waves to lianas to angry birds, and we are prepared to take on new design challenges.

The ultimate aerial adventure

The outdoor Adventure Zone's ZipCoaster is the ideal aerial attraction. The extremely adjustable zip coaster ride is a hit with both kids and adults, whether it's taking them on a relaxing, panoramic trip through the forest or an exhilarating, extreme spin. Unlike zip lines, the Rollercoaster Zipline offers a sensation as near to free flight as possible while also offering maximum adjustability.

Get the ZipCoaster for your resort and provide guests a brand-new, exhilarating experience to enjoy during the hot, active summer months. Summer resorts can choose from a variety of ZipCoaster activities, from exhilarating Extreme or panoramic rides to eco-friendly transportation ones.

The ZipCoaster is a fantastic summertime staple attraction, but you can ride it all year long. This enables you to arrange events and travel for conferences in addition to guests arriving over the summer. Many different types of people love the ZipCoaster, from families with young children to thrill-seeking millennials who choose the Extreme Zip. This appeal is essential since it makes the Adventure Zone a popular vacation spot for the whole family.

Without sacrificing anything, the ZipCoaster may be seamlessly incorporated with other attractions like obstacle courses and climbing walls. This guarantees the integrity of the terrain, which is essential for creating a sustainable Adventure Zone, together with the ZipCoaster's ability to be suspended on trees.

The ZipCoaster Setup’s

There can be any configuration of the route including straight segments, turns, serpentines and slides. The speed of its plots can be adjusted (speed up or slow down) or to be permanent. Roller Coaster Zipline has proven itself as an element of active leisure to offer thrill and entertainment.

Extreme ZipCoaster

The world's fastest zip coaster attraction is the Extreme ZipCoaster. The ride simulates flight at an exhilaratingly fast speed. It is destined to become an anchor attraction at any venue with top speeds of 50 km/h and a variety of track design features. Depending on the track slope and speed, the ride offers either a hard seat or a harnessed option. By linking the ride's Start and Finish platforms, various automation solutions reduce the need for people and space.

Transportation & Panoramic ZipCoaster

Designed for sightseeing, the Panoramic ZipCoaster offers a leisurely aerial trip. People can completely appreciate how beautiful the surroundings are while soaring above mountains and through forests. The ride uses a trolley that is either powered by gravity or a battery and has a constant top speed. It can even be entirely hanged from trees.

Because it uses high-capacity battery-powered trolleys rather than cabins to carry passengers, the ZipCoaster is an excellent substitute for ski lifts and city monorails. This makes it not only more affordable but also a cleaner way to arrange transportation in resorts, coastal cities, and even shopping malls.

The Transport ZipCoaster is a cutting-edge method of transportation that combines all the distinctive features of the product line with the practicality of getting from one place to another. This Rollercoaster Zipline satisfies the heightened interest in novel modes of transportation thanks to its design that is appropriate for leisure destinations like zoos and harbors.

Gravity-powered ZipCoaster

With top speeds of 50 km/h, the Extreme Gravity ZipCoaster is the fastest zip-coaster currently available. For an exhilarating ride, the Rollercoaster Zipline course mixes thrilling loops, nerve-wracking dips, and quick turns. The ride also offers two different types of trolleys with variable top speeds, as well as a number of automation features like trolley retraction or anticollision to make operation simpler and boost capacity.

Electric-powered ZipCoaster

The Extreme Electric ZipCoaster combines two essential features: a manual mode that allows users to choose their speed and an upward ascent that navigates inclination. The attraction improves on its Gravity Coaster forerunners with an Electric Trolley that eliminates any mobility restrictions while maintaining a top speed of 50 km/h. There is a double-track option on the route as well, which is ideal for a friendly competition.