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Soar above the forest canopy! AirCruizer, the innovative zipline bike, redefines outdoor adventure. Enjoy breathtaking vistas, explore nature up-close, and choose from various customization options. Contact us today!

Consider pedaling a bicycle while suspended in the air. Skywalker has the knowledge and experience to provide this kind of family trip for thrill lovers of all ages. A custom-made non-motorized cycle and cables are used in the relatively new pastime known as the zip bike or zipbicycle.

Pedal on a bike adapted to a zipline cable. Riders on the AirCruizer, an innovative cable bicycle hanging at treetop level, soar far above the treetops for a close-up view of the surrounding natural environment and its intriguing creatures. designed to be a pleasant and environmentally responsible way to experience some of Mother Nature's most amazing landscapes.

The AirCruizer route was specifically created to highlight your area's most intriguing features. The AirCruizer ZipBike is made to have a little impact on the environment and to be self-propelled, allowing riders to interact with the surrounding nature.

The potential influence we can have on children and adults beyond just the experience is what makes using this as an outdoor educational tool so exciting! You may anticipate that the AirCruizer will increase people's connection to nature and foster a fresh appreciation for the breathtaking vistas that the typical person today hardly ever gets to see.

Installations of AirCruizer

For the AirCruizer, we provide both cable and rail installations. The majority of the time, outdoor settings with longer tracks are where cable installations are utilized. In cases when space is at a premium and in installations hanging from roof structures, installations on a rail system are used. We also provide an electric auxiliary motor for rides that need to overcome a height difference or longer courses.

  • Using trees or poles in nature
  • When in a city, employing poles
  • Inside a family entertainment center, amusement park, or trampoline park, hanging from a ceiling structure or supported by poles

Design & Engineering Innovation

Ride a bike modified to attach to a zipline cable. The AirCruizer has been in use for almost four years and was created as a fun and environmentally responsible method to visit some of Mother Nature's most amazing destinations.

Years of manufacturing expertise and research went into creating the AirCruizer, which was designed with enjoyment and safety as its top priorities. The AirCruizer bicycle zipline is paving the way in the emerging outdoor adventure market and is poised to transform the outdoor adventure sector. It has undergone full testing and is ready for installation across the world.

The AirCruizer zipline bike is a minimal maintenance ride thanks to its high quality design, construction, and materials. This model is nearly maintenance free and as simple to repair as a bicycle thanks to improved drive trains, an inventive wheel system, and high quality parts.

The AirCruizer is simple to maintain and run on a daily basis thanks to our real-world, time-tested maintenance and inspection procedure, which also virtually eliminates online breakdowns. The AirCruizer zipline bicycle Maintenance and Inspection manual details easy daily maintenance that significantly shortens downtime and boosts profitability.

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