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It's likely that when you think of auto belays, that word is not the first that comes to mind. One argument gym owners use to discourage the use of auto belays is that it hinders the development of a close-knit climbing community. However, professional climber and gym owner Chris Sharma has a different perspective.

High rope courses are high-altitude climbing courses that require fall protection. Forest rope courses (aerial forest parks), in which individual elements are stretched between trees, are distinguished from entirely free-standing wood or steel systems.

When we set out to design the future of auto belays, we challenged ourselves to create a device that would empower our users to accomplish things they never thought possible.

We caught up with National Geographic’s 2019 Adventurer of the Year and 2x Para Climbing World Champion, Mo Beck, about how catch-and-hold technology can make auto belays a viable training tool for more adaptive climbers than ever before.

Have you ever desired to fly like Superman? With the Superman Zipline Harness, you can fly headfirst down a zipline while still being secured and protected. The rider's balance is maintained by numerous adjustment points. Even when participants are already on the zipline tower or ZipCoaster, the safety straps make it simple to put on and take off. You are kept in place by high-strength quick-adjust buckles and adjustable shoulder and leg straps. Super comfortable, super safe, and super fun!

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