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At its core, going on an adventure is an act of self-empowerment. Obviously, it might not always feel that way. The weather changes, the rain starts to fall, and there you are, stuck on the wall with no other option but to wait it out.

Unfortunately, self-empowerment doesn’t make you waterproof. It doesn’t make your toes stop hurting or put calluses on your fingertips.

What a lot of people don’t tell you is that, in the moment, self-empowerment can be a slog. But here’s the kicker: when it’s over, when the clouds miraculously clear the moment you reach the car, and you have the chance to look back on your journey, I’m willing to wager you won’t regret your decision to keep going.

There’s nothing quite like that feeling you get when you make it to the top -- especially if you had to overcome adversity along the way (and what kind of adventure would it be if you didn’t?).

How catch-and-hold technology empowers climbers to reach new heights

When we set out to design the future of auto belays, we challenged ourselves to create a device that would empower our users to accomplish things they never thought possible. With catch-and-hold technology climbers are encouraged to try harder routes, knowing that they now have the ability to fall, rest, and retry the most difficult moves.

A few seconds of rest might sound like a small thing, but for a sport that involves scaling cliffs, climbing is surprisingly dependent on miniscule gains. Operators, instructors, and route setters see these gains all the time. A tiny shift of your weight, for example, could be the difference between a great hold and a useless hunk of plastic. Moving your foot two inches higher could turn an impossible reach into something completely manageable.

When it comes to rest, thirty seconds is often the difference between being totally pumped and feeling strong enough to push through. Miniscule gains. But when you add them up, you suddenly realize that you’ve made it farther than ever before. Maybe even to the top.

That’s the power of catch-and-hold technology. That’s the sense of accomplishment that we want all of our users to feel when they climb on the TRUBLUE iQ+.

How the TRUBLUE iQ series makes life easier for operators

Beyond the user experience, we also made a point of making the TRUBLUE iQ Series more convenient for operators than any previous auto belay devices. The TRUBLUE iQ base model is 22% lighter and 23% smaller than the original TRUBLUE auto belay device, making it easier to install and to move to different locations in your facility.

While making these improvements in terms of weight, we made sure that the iQ Series would not sacrifice durability. In fact, we improved durability by adding wider webbing, a back bumper, and a replaceable mount guard.

Going forward, we’re making the iQ Series even more operator friendly, with planned software updates that will utilize the built-in connectivity of the TRUBLUE iQ PLUS to provide operators with real-time data on the use, service intervals, and performance of their devices. The hardware and IoT capabilities for delivering these data analytics are already in place. As soon as the software package is ready to go, owners and operators will begin to reap the benefits.

Inclusivity and Accessibility of your Climbing Gym

TRUBLUE seeks to support a diverse climbing community and continues to innovate gear to help in this mission. Whether a climber wants to challenge their fear of heights or simply familiarize themselves with the sport in general, they can do it on their own terms first with TRUBLUE Auto Belays as a more private and internally-driven option. And we can’t forget that there are days when climbers simply want to be alone for a while, which shouldn’t be seen as a detriment to the community but rather a normal expression of self-care.

One way to increase inclusivity is to develop climbing equipment that is useful for climbers who have been previously overlooked and underserved.

Until recently, auto belays were impractical for many adaptive climbers. Seated climbers, for example, could not train on auto belay because instantly lowering after a top out or a fall was too unsteady. With the recent release of the TRUBLUE iQ+, we aim to change that narrative.

The TRUBLUE iQ+ is the first auto belay that allows climbers to stay on the wall after falling, rather than immediately lowering. We call this the “catch-and-hold" feature. In climbing terms, what the TRUBLUE iQ+ is doing is giving you the option to take.

Why Choose the TRUBLUE iQ for your climbing Gym?

Catch-and-hold belay

TRUBLUE iQ+ is the first and only auto belay in the world that can “take.” TRUBLUE is no longer just a life-safety device. It’s a climbing partner, allowing climbers to rest and project routes anytime. Now everyone can feel what it’s like to make it to the top.

Future proof and upgrade ready

Designed on an IoT platform, TRUBLUE iQ PLUS is the smartest auto belay on the planet. With built-in connectivity, it is ready for whatever you dream up, from data acquisition to service reminders to photo and video capabilities — all straight from your device.

Built-in durability

Handmade in the USA and designed for heavy use, the iQ series is more durable than ever before. From improved, wider webbing, to a built-in back bumper and replaceable mount guard, the iQ and iQ+ are made to last both indoors and out.

Magnetic braking technology

TRUBLUE is the only auto belay on the market to use magnetic braking technology. Magnetic braking is more reliable and does not rely on friction to provide the braking action.

Fit more walls & more climbers

The TRUBLUE has the largest weight range and tallest height range of any modular auto belay system. TRUBLUE accommodates weights from 22 lbs (10kg) to 330 lbs (150 kg) and our XL model has a maximum mounting height of 65.6 ft (20m).

Self-regulating system

The magnetic braking inside a TRUBLUE adjusts automatically and responds to the weight of the participant. This means children and adults will both have smooth experiences with similar rates of descent.

Strictest safety requirements

Our TRUBLUE auto belay meets the strictest safety standards of any auto belays on the market.

Low cost of ownership

Eddy current magnetic braking means there are no friction pads or any contacting parts required for braking, so there are fewer components that might wear out or fail. This improves reliability while reducing maintenance costs over time.

Simple to install or relocate

The compact, modular design makes the TRUBLUE easy to install and allows it to be easily relocated.