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Glamping will transform your natural location into attractive tourist destination. Our famous Cocoon Tree can serve as a cottage, pop-up hotel or tree house, spa & many more. Start your glamping business with the famous Cocoon Tree design. Innovation and technology integrated for a new experience of nature. 

We created and designed the Cocoon Tree Village : a luxury Glamping Concept.

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What is really Glamping?

True definition of glamping is really easy : Glamping involves accommodations and facilities far more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping. It's a mix of words of Glamorous and Camping. Unlike camping, which typically takes place in the woods or by a lake, glamping destinations are both unique and exclusive. The trend of interest in glamping is growing. Glamping tourism business starts by defining your business objectives, investment possibilities and destination potential. Decisions made in the early stages of the project can affect long-term viability. That gives You a true definition and a way of life.

Who is the Glamper?

Celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Stella McCartney have been spotted in VIP tents at music festivals. Conservation parks and wilderness reserves are suddenly attracting A-list visitors and their entourages. Even royalty has given glamping a go, with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge recently spending a (very lavish) night under the Outback stars during their tour of Australia. First of all - the living places. The more unique then better. That's why we believe that our products are as unique as you can imagine. All of our product are build thinking about ecology and comfort for their guests. It combines the idea of comfort of a hotel with excitement and adventure of a camping trip.

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