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Joint venture between adventure course designer, telecom masts experts and telecommunication companies set to create new attraction for climbing enthusiasts.

Nowadays, telecommunication masts are not only an integral part of every landscape all across Europe. They also represent an additional source of income for landowners who are willing to rent out a plot to telecom companies and utility providers for their phone masts or electricity pylons.

A new project in the Netherlands now takes this concept a step further, exploring possibilities to utilise telecommunication masts as commercially operated outdoor Sport & Leisure facilities, too.

"All in all, a fascinating project," explains Ewout van Voorst, Managing Director of Skywalker Adventure Builders, one of Europe's leading designers and manufacturers of climbing parks and high ropes courses. "We closely cooperate with a company specialising in the construction of utility poles, electricity pylons and telecom masts."

"The project is basically a kind of joint venture," van Voorst continues. "In most cases the mast will be commissioned and paid for by the telecom companies to put their GSM dishes up. However, the local entrepreneur who owns the plot on which the mast will be erected, only agreed under the condition of the mast being a multi-purpose construction."

"The concept per se is not original. There already are quite a few GSM towers in other European countries with visitor platforms or other types of lookouts," says van Voorst. "What makes the project unique is the fact that we've got an utility pole that will also be used as a commercially operated climbing tower. And that's where we come into play."

"In principle, this concept can be applied in any area - as long as it happens in accordance with planning, building and safety regulations ," concludes van Voorst. "Whether this involves masts being designed as multi-purpose poles in order to be used by more than one party or whether this means modifying out-of-service pylons, one thing is for sure: climbing utility poles is something extraordinary and fascinating."

This new exiting adventure concept perfectly fits in with the recently released proposition for the real estate market. In this concept Skywalker offers profitable solutions for vacant commercial real estate. Together with real estate agents and governments unique indoor ropes course concepts are implemented to fight vacancy of commercial real estate.

About Skywalker Adventure Builders:

Skywalker develops up-market concepts for outdoor activity sites and manufactures ECO forest climbing parks, high ropes courses, adventure towers, outdoor playgrounds and adventure parks. Experience, innovative design, high quality, and the safety and durability of their products earmark Skywalker as one of the leading manufacturers of outdoor climbing facilities in Europe.