Saferoller Smart-Belay3

Swiss innovations by Saferoller "Fun & Thrills" to the next Dimension !

With the following purpose: More Value - Grand Simplicity - For Less ...  Saferoller is launching outstanding new products divided into: (1) the "Premium Rolling" Line and (2) the "Eco Sliding" Line. Saferoller belay is an integrated "safety & movement" system with an unique paradox: Even more impressive elements by maximum safety.

The improved "Premium" Line Saferoller® II

The product line with the best features: the best rolling, allows high throughput, low operating costs and high return !  ... and in addition at a very attractive price !(thanks to new technology & streaminling)saferoller2013

New:  Saferoller® Trolley with swivel as option !

At choice the standard trolley (at a lower price) and the trolley with integrated swivel, both with following benefits :

-  Design, lightweight, longlife... and pleasant in hands
-  The smoothest & quietiest rolling
-  With evacuation device
-  Best guiding thanks to shaped side covers
-  ... and take the benefit of putting your own brand !

New: Saferoller® II Mono Clamp (Pat. pending)

The most advanced system :saferoller clampmono-  allows best rolling !
-  For bridges and zip-lines up to 100 meters
-  Best for lifeline "out of reach"
-  Best for high throughput
-  Ever be so easy to install !
.... self-positioning, no pre-assembly, no pipe, no crimping, no special tooling !
.... just put cable into groove and tighten pushers !
-  For 12mm & 1/2 inch wire rope
-  Compatible with Saferoller 1

New : Saferoller® II Zip Clamp

Special for zip-lines up to 400 meterssaferoller clampzip

(2)  The Complementary "Eco" Line Speedrunner® II

High value at attrative price: best hook on the market with smart clamp device!

New:  Speedrunner® Kanhook (Pat. pending)

This unique Hook incorporates great features as follows:saferoller kanhook
-  Lightweight, robust and integrated swivel
-  Anti-wear protection
-  Evacuation device
-  Compatible with Saferoller® and Speedrunner® safety line
-  Very attractive price

New:  Speedrunner® Clamp 3S  (Pat. pending)

This new innovative "Clamp" shows great benefits :saferoller kabelhalter
-  Easy to install without crimping or cable clips !
-  For long zip-lines, simply install 2 clamps in serie
-  For lifeline of 12mm and 1/2 inch
-  Very attractive price

NB : not compatible with Saferoller® Trolley

Aerial Adventure parks and Zip-lines are great outdoor activities in numerous aspects; having fun while doing some physical activities, contact with nature high on the trees, testing your courage and overcoming your fears! But these activities make only sense in an absolute safe environment and we provides the right safety equipment including the simplicity of use.

Ensuring maximum fun to all visitors in an absolute safe environment is just one of our aims. Our safety solution also ensures that your business can be run with the highest efficiency for a profitable and sustainable operation.

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