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The ECO treetop walk: a fascinating experience.

The most widely known treetop walkway of the Netherlands is located in the Drenthe natural reserve run by the Staatsbosbeheer association. The Drenthe treetop walk is a unique concept with huge public appeal, thus featuring regularly in a whole range of very popular outdoor leisure activity programs organised by communal and private institutions.

Inevitably, the demand for treetop walks is steadily increasing in Europe, particularly in countries such as the United Kingdom and Germany. 

Therefore, Skywalker (Active Forest) has developed a "green" version of this popular outdoor feature. When it comes to leisure activities based in nature reserves or in areas committed to ecologically compatible outdoor entertainment, we believe that, as a matter of principle, the use of any non-natural construction material, such as concrete or cast iron poles, should be kept to an absolute minimum.

In particularly, since nowadays most of the main structural components of climbing facilities can be easily designed employing certain types of hardwood with load capacities equal to metal- or alloy-based materials. In our opignion metal should be appllied as little as possible in nature, and the current technical possibilities also make it possible to build the Treetop walk out of wood.

All Skywalker treetop walk layouts can be easily negotiated by visitors of all age groups, including individuals with a walking impairment, and does not require any operational staff detachment. Our ECO treetop walkways provide a truly unique and memorable experience by their innovative design, eco-friendly construction materials and their full integration into the respective natural environment on site.

Layout and safety measures

The basic layout uses milled timber and runs at approx. 21ft above ground. The walkway itself has a 4'4" railing with additional camouflage-coloured safety nets along both sides of the walk to guarantee ultimate user safety. All parts of the hardwood poles anchored into the ground are plated with galvanised metal to prevent wood decay.

All Skywalker ECO treetop walks can be installed at various heights. Additional features, such as watchtowers, suspension and rope bridges as well as tree houses and steps in a variety of shapes and forms, are also available.

ECO treetop walkways. Unrivalled in durability.

We use Douglas fir wood, grown in Europe and exclusively supplied by mills with an international FCS label. Due to its narrow growth rings, fir wood is one of the hardest wood types on the planet. Apart from its load capacity, fir wood is extraordinary weather-proof even in its natural state. In this context, our suppliers employ KOMO-approved eco-compatible wood preservatives to further ensure the long durability of any of our ECO treetop walks.

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