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The ECO treetop walk: a fascinating experience.

The Staatsbosbeheer organisation manages the Drenthe natural reserve, which is home to the Netherlands' most well-known treetop path. The Drenthe treetop walk is a unique concept with a wide public appeal, and it appears frequently in a variety of popular outdoor leisure activity programs organized by both public and commercial institutions.
Treetop hikes are inexorably becoming more popular in Europe, notably in countries like the United Kingdom and Germany.
Skywalker (Active Forest) has therefore created a "green" version of this popular outdoor attraction. We believe that the usage of any non-natural construction material, such as concrete or cast iron poles, should be maintained to an absolute minimum when it comes to leisure activities centered in nature reserves or in places dedicated to ecologically appropriate outdoor entertainment.
Especially since most of the primary structural components of climbing facilities can now be simply created using certain types of hardwood that have load capacities comparable to metal or alloy-based materials. Metal should be used as little as possible in nature, in our opinion, and contemporary technological possibilities allow us to build the Treetop walk out of wood.
All Skywalker treetop walk layouts are simple to navigate for visitors of all ages, including those with mobility issues, and require no operating crew detachment. Our ECO treetop walkways, with their creative design, eco-friendly construction materials, and full integration into the natural environment on site, create a genuinely unique and memorable experience.

Layout and safety measures

The basic pattern is made of milled wood and runs around 21 feet above ground. The walkway itself is surrounded by a 4'4" railing with extra camouflage-colored safety nets on both sides to ensure user safety. To avoid wood decay, all elements of the hardwood poles fixed in the ground are plated with galvanized metal.
Skywalker ECO treetop pathways are available in a variety of heights. There are also additional features such as watchtowers, suspension and rope bridges, as well as tree dwellings and steps in various shapes and sizes. Treetop walkways that are environmentally friendly. In terms of durability, nothing compares.

ECO treetop walkways. Unrivalled in durability.

We use Douglas fir wood that is cultivated in Europe and exclusively provided by mills that have earned the FCS certification. Fir wood is one of the toughest woods on the world due to its tight growth rings. Fir wood is exceptionally weather-resistant, even in its natural state, in addition to its load capacity. To further ensure the long lifespan of any of our ECO treetop walks, our suppliers use KOMO-approved eco-compatible wood treatments.

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