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Skywalker to distribute innovative tree house tent and glamping concept.

Over the past decade, tree houses have seen a big leap in their popularity, not only with nature enthusiasts and aficionados of nature-centred alternative lifestyles. Architects and designers have also discovered the concept, as illustrated by the Mirror Cube, a treetop “bedsit” designed in Sweden , making its market debut in Spring 2012.

The Cocoon company has now come up with their own innovative design that enables people spending the night among tree tops. Cocoon Tree offers a luxurious option that takes glamping to a whole new level. It constitutes a cocoon-shaped lightweight construction, providing the same experience as its Swedish counterpart whilst being much easier to install and, thus, offering a much wider range of applications.

“The designers really managed to pull it off, successfully combining tree house and tent elements,” explains Ewout van Voorst, Managing Director of Skywalker Adventure Builders, the Dutch specialist company for the design and construction of outdoor climbing parks and ropes courses who secured a distribution agreement with Cocoon Tree, the manufacturer of the “Tree Pod”, the name under which it is marketed. “Basically a luxury tent that can be suspended at any height above ground,” adds van Voorst.

The basic model of the pod features a T6 alloy frame in the form of a sphere, covered with a canvas flysheet. The Tree Pod has a diameter of 10 ft, enough space for a king-size bed, and weighs approx. 18 st. Although designed for suspension above ground in the first place, the Cocoon Tree Pod can be also used on ground level. “No problem at all,” confirms van Voorst. “All Cocoon Tree’s pod versions come with an optional stand, guy ropes and pegs, and can, therefore, be handled like any other tent.”

Moreover, for anyone who is interested in the pod, there’s a lot to choose from. “Cocoon offers different versions,” says van Voorst. “For example, the Tree Pod Deluxe features a heavier flysheet, while the Jungle model might be described as a hard-top amongst them, with a semi-rigid shell made from synthetic fabric, boosting the weight to 28 st.” And for everyone with a romantic streak, Cocoon Tree delivers a open-side Beach pod – resembling a canopy bed. “Goes without saying that curtains are included,” laughs van Voorst.

The distribution agreement is a further step in Skywalker’s continuous drive to expand their range of products and services. “However, we only branch out into areas that suit our background and corporate philosophy,” explains van Voorst. “Naturally, the Tree Pod is primarily aimed at the Hotel & Accommodation sector, in particular holiday resorts. However, the installation of the Pod, in particular as part of themed facilities, such as a treetop hotel complex or tree cities, normally involves numerous additional supporting structures – and that’s where our professional experience in the field of designing climbing parks and high ropes course comes in.”

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