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Latest belay technology by leading manufacturers “boosts both safety and fun factor”. 

For many operators of adventure parks or high-ropes courses, choosing the appropriate visitor climbing safety system turns out to be a quite daunting task.

“Actually, we are not only talking Health and Safety regulation and insurance issues here,” explains Ewout van Voorst, the managing director of the Dutch company Skywalker Adventure Builders which designs and builds adventure parks and ropes courses for business customers all over Europe. “These days, visitors expect an authentic climbing experience. In other words, minimum interference with the climbing action, but also no compromises when it comes to their safety.”

Until recently, and from a technical point of view, combing the two aspects was anything but straightforward. However, and according to van Voorst, thanks to the award-winning Smart Belay system, developed by Germany-based safety equipment specialist Edelrid, this is now a thing of the past. “The technology is groundbreaking,” explains van Voorst. “Basically, it’s a system of communicating interconnected carabiners. Means, if one of the carabiners is unlocked or has been detached from the main safety line the other carabiner stays locked until its counterpart has been safely attached to the cable again . And people having the opportunity to handle belay and carabiners themselves constitutes an essential part of the experience.”

SAFEROLLER, a state-of-the-art continuous belay designed by the eponymous Swiss specialist firm and catering for the youngest age groups of climbing enthusiasts, is another safety system that will be implemented by Skywalker from now on. „When it comes to operational safety, both systems are among the best on offer,“ says van Voorst. “Each of the systems fully complies with all current health and safety regulations, has been tested extensively by independent certification bodies and, thus, ensures maximum climbing safety of all visitors on any type of course layout.

According to van Voorst, a further advantage of both belay systems is that they can be easily and cost-effectively retrofitted to most existing climbing parks. “Moreover, both Smart Belay and SAFEROLLER are extremely low-maintenance and require lower staff levels than conventional systems during the day-to-day operation,” adds van Voorst. “Which, from a business point of view, most definitely makes both systems very attractive.”

About Skywalker Adventure Builders:   

Creating extraordinary High-Rope Adventures: Skywalker develops up-market concepts for Family Entertainment Centers (FEC) and Outdoor activity sites and manufactures ECO forest high-wire parks, high ropes courses, adventure towers, outdoor playgrounds and adventure parks. Experience, innovative design, high quality, and the safety and durability of their products earmark Skywalker as one of the leading manufacturers of adventurous leisure facilities in Europe. The unique services portfolio, combined with ERCA (European Ropes Course Association) certified training programs, enables customers to run a safe and profitable operation with a fast ROI.

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