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Skywalker to Build New ECO Forest High-Wire park at Eefde - Skywalker - Adventure Builders

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Kartsport Operator Opts for All Around Family Fun Concept.

Skywalker Adventure Builders, the Netherlands-based specialist company for outdoor climbing facilities, has been commissioned to build a climbing forest at the Eefde karting track near Deventer and Zutphen, situated in one of the most scenic regions of the Netherlands. The project is a key element of Karting Eefde’s business expansion plan, adding next generation outdoor and teambuilding programmes to the wide variety of leisure and recreational activities Eefde already has to offer. 

“When it comes to operating in the Active Recreation sector, we still consider ourselves newbies, at least as far as certain business aspects are concerned,” says Jos Bleumink who owns and runs Karting Eefde. “Our objective is to attract the broadest possible target audience, including visitor groups, families, schools, company day-trippers, individuals, you name it.” To achieve this, and beside kart and outdoor sport, a nature climbing park and other opportunities for physical activity and leisure, Eefde now features a wide range of gastronomic delights.

“The latest surveys reveal that leisure parks that offer visitors an all-inclusive adventure experience go down very well with both families and companies,” explains Ewout van Voorst, the managing director of the Skywalker. “Karting Eefde provides multifaceted outdoor entertainment, with a memorable and lasting customer experience. This encourages visitors to come back and stay longer. Which in turn, of course, means increased revenue.” The Dutch climbing park designers have spotted this trend a long time ago, incorporating it in their range of services right from the start, offering customised business solutions to park operators in any shape or form.  

“Skywalker combines innovative climbing park designs with a comprehensive package of additional services, including business planning, marketing and on-site staff training,” Bleumink adds. “Another reason why we chose Skywalker is their excellent reputation when it comes to operational safety, product durability and environmental friendliness. We were also very impressed with their commitment to the project right from the very first blueprint onwards.”

The forest climbing park will be constructed using Netherland-grown untreated Douglas fir wood, to keep the environmental impact as low as possible. The park comprises different course layouts, each of which stacked with imaginatively designed obstacles and challenges. And those who complete the course are rewarded by a zip line ride, overlooking the whole terrain including the kart racing track.

About Karting Eefde:

Established in 1961, Karting Eefde operates one of the most beautifully situated outdoor kart racing tracks in the Netherlands. Located in a forest reserve, right in the heart of the Achterhoek region, Eefde also offers a wide range of other sport and leisure activities, including a climbing park. And all those who like adventure but want to keep to the firm ground should definitely check out Eefde’s survival terrain, comprising a number of challenging course layouts. Merging sport, leisure, entertainment and gastronomy, Eefde makes a perfect destination for school trips, company outings and great family days out.   

About Skywalker Adventure Builders:   

Creating extraordinary High-Rope Adventures: Skywalker develops up-market concepts for Family Entertainment Centers (FEC) and Outdoor activity sites and manufactures ECO forest high-wire parks, high ropes courses, adventure towers, outdoor playgrounds and adventure parks. Experience, innovative design, high quality, and the safety and durability of their products earmark Skywalker as one of the leading manufacturers of adventurous leisure facilities in Europe. The unique services portfolio, combined with ERCA (European Ropes Course Association) certified training programs, enables customers to run a safe and profitable operation with a fast ROI.