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The International Outdoor Adventure Centre offers unique active outdoor portfolio

According to Outdoor & Leisure business analysts, operators of traditional outdoor parks really feel the pressure these days. Visitors and investors alike are asking for innovative solutions when it comes to commercial outdoor sports and leisure venues, including next generation of activities and innovative and exciting team building programs.


Family Entertainment Centres (FECs)

In Leisure & Recreation industry circles, this new trend has got a name: Family Entertainment Centres (FECs). FECs aim to offer a comprehensive and exciting fun experience by bundling different activity types and programs into one all-inclusive outdoor recreation package. The International Outdoor Adventure Centre (IOAC), has been aware of this trend, and has now teamed up with Skywalker Adventure Builders, the Netherlands-based specialist company for Adventure Parks. “We’ve had a close look at what has been available on the market so far, and we weren’t impressed. In particular since many traditionally-operated outdoor centers lack integrated offerings,” explains Adrian & Carmel Tennant, owners and operators of IOAC. “And we have responded by expanding our portfolio of activities, now including Camping and Glamping Experiences, an International Scout and Guide camping grounds, Innovative Ropes Course and various Team Building activities. All in all, a complete package for a great family day out.”

“The new facilities blend perfectly into our unique location at Tagoat, Wexford, Ireland. It means we are able to offer first rate services and comfort – and all this in an environment that will provide visitors with a memorable all-inclusive leisure experience. It really means we offer what the modern customer wants,” adds Mr Tennant.

Active Game Fun For All Age Groups

In the current age of digital entertainment, one of IOACs’ key objectives is to get the younger generations interest in playing outdoors and become more physically active. In this context, Skywalker have developed an “interactive” solution that combines fun games and opportunities to play that involve but do not overemphasize physical activity. “Interactive fun is what nowadays kids are used to,” explains Ewout van Voorst, Managing Director of Skywalker. “Besides, technology and gaming is an integral part of our business model. Integrating both aspects in our design concepts is, therefore, a no-brainer. IAOC is now one of the first interactive climbing parks. And I’m sure more will follow suit.” “Many kids think that if it ain’t digital it can’t be fun,” adds van Voorst. “IOAC can show them that a feeling of adventure doesn’t necessarily require a computer screen or Smart-Phone.”

Interactive Climbing Fun

The Skywalker designs for IOAC also include less formalized layouts, allowing visitors to participate in activities that leave room for more spontaneous approaches. “We not only aim to attract the widest possible target audience, we also would like to encourage visitors to think of our premises as a one big playground,” explains Mrs Tennant. “This may on the one hand mean having fun completing our climbing courses, but may at the same time also include being part of a group or team tackling various other challenges across the park. The Skywalker concept of sharing course layouts between different types of activities has increased the number of games we are able to offer to visitors significantly.”

About International Outdoor Adventure Centre (www.ioac.ie):

The IOAC is a business of Tennant Consulting Ltd, a Wexford family-run company managed by Adrian and Carmel Tennant. Both Adrian & Carmel have over 60 years of Scouting and outdoor pursuits under their belts between them. They, with their daughters, are bringing all of this knowledge and experience to offer you an outdoor adventure centre with a twist! You can stay at the IOAC! Not only will the IOAC be open to day visitors and groups, but the IOAC will be offering bespoke multi activity holidays to individuals, couples, families and groups by way of a unique camping and glamping experience. Added to this is the International Scout & Guide Campsite which will be integral to the campus but separate and with its own identity and facilities! So, want that adrenaline rush? Or prefer luxurious, restful Glamping in style, or want to bring your Scout or Guide group on a camp where all their activities are looked after and you can just enjoy the holiday also? Then the IOAC is the place for you!

About Skywalker Adventure Builders (www.skywab.com):

Creating extraordinary High-Rope Adventures: Skywalker develops up-market concepts for Family Entertainment Centers (FEC) and Outdoor activity sites and manufactures ECO forest high-wire parks, high ropes courses, adventure towers, outdoor playgrounds and adventure parks. Experience, innovative design, high quality, and the safety and durability of their products earmark Skywalker as one of the leading manufacturers of adventurous leisure facilities in Europe. The unique services portfolio, combined with ERCA (European Ropes Course Association) certified training programs, enables customers to run a safe and profitable operation with a fast ROI.

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