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Experience the game-changer in zipline safety, the zipSTOP magnetic zipline braking system. Delivering unparalleled safety, efficiency, and longevity, it's the future of thrilling outdoor adventures.

Safety, thrill, and efficiency are paramount in the thrilling world of zip lines. The magnetic braking technology that is transforming the zip line experience is at the cutting edge of innovation. We are setting a new standard in the zip line business by combining innovative technology, durable performance, and rider-centric design.

Safety, comfort, and thrill are at the center of every unforgettable zip line experience. The magnetic zipline brake excels in all of these areas, taking zip line excursions to new heights with its breakthrough magnetic braking technology. It delivers an exhilarating zip line experience that is both safe and pleasant for all riders, regardless of weight or size.

A Technological Advance

The magnetic braking technique used by zipSTOP is a significant advancement in zip line braking devices. This cutting-edge technology is inspired by high-speed trains and roller coasters, and it brings zip lines the same degree of safety, dependability, and performance. As a result, the braking system is not only very efficient, but also extremely durable and dependable.

Unrivaled Throughput

The automatic reset feature of our magnetic zipline braking systems is intended to improve the amount of customers you can serve. This, combined with consistent braking, dramatically increases the flow of your zip line. As a result, the operation runs more smoothly and rapidly, providing a better experience to more clients in less time.

Dependability in All Conditions

Regardless of the weather, the magnetic zipline braking systems friction-free braking continues to provide excellent performance. Rain or shine, your zip line may continue to run smoothly and safely, providing an amazing experience for your customers.

Longevity and cost-effectiveness

Our magnetic zipline braking system is not only built to last, but it is also cost-effective. Because of its innovative magnetic braking, internal part wear is greatly minimized, resulting in fewer replacement parts and cheaper maintenance costs. So, with zipSTOP, you're investing in a zip line braking system that's not only long-lasting but also surprisingly affordable.

The importance of safety cannot be overstated.

The cornerstone of the magnetic zipline braking system design concept is safety. The hands-free braking technology significantly decreases the chance of human error, resulting in a safer ride for both riders and crew. Customers may enjoy the journey without having to worry about brakes, and operators can be guaranteed of a safer, smoother operation.

Appeal to All

zipSTOP's patented self-regulating system automatically adjusts for rider weight, ensuring a safe and fun zip line experience for all. This global appeal increases the popularity and profitability of your zip line by making it more accessible and appealing to a broader consumer base.

A Sound Investment

Purchasing a magnetic zipline braking system is a sensible business option. Magnetic zipline braking systems boosts your return on investment by attracting more consumers and lowering maintenance expenses. Furthermore, the exhilarating and unique experiences it offers keep customers returning for more, assuring a consistent stream of repeat revenue.

Finally, zipSTOP is revolutionizing the zip line experience. Its sophisticated magnetic brake technology, better performance, and safety focus make it an ideal choice for any zip line operator wishing to give an unforgettable experience. The future of zip lines is arrived, and it's more fun and safer than ever.

zipSTOP and MAG Brake Trolley are revolutionizing zipline safety.

Imagine soaring through the air at exciting speeds, gliding over trees or across rivers and landscapes. The pleasure of ziplining is evident, but riders' safety comes first. The industry has made enormous gains in maximizing both safety and fun, and two pieces of technology stand at the forefront of this evolution: the zipSTOP braking system and the MAG Brake Trolley. They are reinventing zipline safety by using the power of magnetic technology to give unrivaled braking capabilities. This essay goes into the astonishing characteristics and benefits of these two innovative systems, as well as why their combination provides the ideal zipline safety solution. So, whether you're a zipline operator hoping to improve safety and efficiency or an adrenaline junkie searching for a thrill, keep reading to learn about the future of zipline technology.

The Thrill Syndicate MAG Brake Trolley is a unique self-braking zipline pulley that promises an unrivaled and safer ziplining experience. This unique zipline trolley uses Eddy Current (Magnetic) technology to securely and consistently brake zipline riders based on their speed. The incorporated Eddy Current Brake on the trolley reduces the rider to a manageable pace without causing friction, heat, or wear on the cable, minimizing the amount of maintenance necessary for the zipline cables and the trolley itself.

The MAG Brake Trolley tackles major safety concerns connected with ensuring controlled and safe stopping at the end of high-speed zip wire courses. It's specifically intended for steep, long, and rapid zipline courses, allowing for the construction of long-distance ziplines without the need for a difficult braking area. The trolley can withstand a speed reduction of up to 35%, guaranteeing that all passengers, regardless of weight or weather conditions, arrive at the same pace, allowing for a safe and regulated braking situation.

This braking trolley makes use of Eddy Current brake technology, which is extremely dependable, smooth, and low maintenance. The magnetic braking system is friction-free and has no touching elements, making it one of the safest brake pulleys on the market for high-end commercial ziplines with slopes up to 25% and speeds up to 140 km/h.

The MAG Brake Trolley comes in a variety of configurations, including different configurations for specific harnesses, action video camera setups, and corporate personal branding. It has a top speed of 140 km/h and a rider weight range of 25 to 125 kg. The trolley is compatible with both seat and Superman harnesses and satisfies the NEN-EN 12278:2007 and NEN-EN 17109:2019 compliance standards. 

Zipline Safety is Reaching New Heights

Finally, the combination of the zipSTOP stopping system with the MAG Brake Trolley is a game changer in zipline safety. These innovative solutions, which make use of magnetic brake technology, provide a smooth, fun, and secure zipline experience for riders of all sizes and weights, regardless of weather conditions. These innovations demonstrate the commitment to user safety and operational efficiency, from offering flawless hands-free braking to minimizing friction-related wear and tear. As we push the frontiers of thrill and adventure, safety remains a top priority. We are not only increasing the thrill of the ride with these magnetic braking wonders, but we are also inspiring confidence in passengers, knowing they are protected by the best safety precautions available. The zipSTOP and MAG Brake Trolley are propelling us toward a safer and more exhilarating future in the world of zipline adventures as we continue to innovate and evolve.