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Europe's leading forest climbing park designer presents tree house concepts for the 21st century.

For many people, tree houses are part of their most cherished childhood memories. "And nothing's changed there," confirms Ewout van Voorst, Managing Director of Skywalker Adventure Builders, the Dutch company acclaimed all across Europe for their innovative and "green" outdoor climbing park designs all across Europe. "Children are still fascinated by a tree house, and all that comes with it - a place to have fun, a secret headquarter for creative play, a space where imagination has no limits."

Designing and building tree houses in any shape or form has been part of the Skywalker portfolio. "Whether traditional log cabin layouts or futuristic 'stealth' designs, a tree house is always something special," continues Van Voorst. "To make the concept work, tree houses have to be an integral part of the natural environment. Means, both aesthetics and eco-friendliness are at the heart of all our designs."

Tree houses are no longer just something for children.

"Over the past years, adults have re-discovered the tree house," explains Van Voorst. "And we are not referring to basic log cabin layout here. We are talking about contemporary modern highly purpose-based designs, serving as additional living or guest rooms, quiet and comfy sanctuaries to chill out, read, paint or write, luxury country-style drawing rooms with a fireplace and satellite TV, home offices and even high-tech company headquarters for professionals running their own business."

People's interest in outdoor Leisure & Recreation has experienced a boom over the past five years. "Many of our business customers are operating commercial climbing and adventure parks and commission tree houses on a regular basis," says Van Voorst. "Most of these commissions are tree houses serving as bridging parts between high ropes courses or as node or junction points in a network of interlinked course layouts."

"In our experience, and from a business point of view, tree houses are always a huge visitor attraction and, thus, are a lucrative addition to any existing adventure, nature or theme park. Whether in the form of a tree-top restaurant or of an entire breathtaking 'tree city' – tree houses are as popular as ever."

About Skywalker Adventure Builders:

Skywalker develops up-market concepts for outdoor activity sites and manufactures ECO high-wire forest parks, high ropes courses, adventure towers, outdoor playgrounds and adventure parks. Experience, innovative design, high quality, and the safety and durability of their products earmark Skywalker as one of the leading constructors of outdoor climbing facilities in Europe.

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