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The innovative new challenge course will open to the public at the beginning of October.

The HiLo Challenge Dome is a geodesic dome structure that is intrinsically strong with fantastic energy efficiency. An innovative rope course stretches 44 feet across the dome at a height of up to 37 feet offering high and low level activities within the same footprint. The result is an all-weather low cost attraction suitable for family entertainment centres, play centres and leisure facilities with a unique atmosphere.

When we first were introduced to the HiLo Challenge Dome we knew it was something that we wanted to introduce to a wider audience. It's such a unique attraction that can benefit leisure facilities, whatever the size and budget. Hilo is the only attraction housing that can be both indoors and outdoors – depending on the cover.

These incredible Geodesic domes can be customized to fit in a range of attraction offerings such as an exciting high ropes course. Covers can be completely customizable dependent on the operator needs and sizes range from 16ft to over 70ft. Putting a high ropes course in a 70 ft HiLo creates over 34 activities on 3 levels and you still have the ground floor.

Thanks to is unique shape and multipurpose function you can have a challenge course installed over a service area, retail or a food and beverage offering. It's the perfect solution for operators looking to create an exciting, indoor attraction that is outside – particularly handy in countries like the UK where the weather is –at best- unpredictable.

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