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Auto-Belays not just for climbing gyms.

An auto belay – the device that slowly lowers you to the ground without help from another person – is synonymous with climbing. Not anymore. An auto belay can be used for any instance where you need to get down to the ground in a reliable, comfortable, and controlled way. This could be an intentional descent, like to get down from a zip line platform, or as a safety-device to prevent falls. Broadening the definition of auto belay in this way means the applications are endless.


Photo: Mount your QUICKjump and TRUBLUE side-by-side

Here are five unique ways to use an auto belay:

  1. Mount it next to a QUICKjump to give people an option for their descent off a platform – great for zip lines, ropes courses, amusement parks or recreation centers. Some people prefer a more relaxed descent compared to the thrill of the QUICKjump, so why don't you offer another alternative? Using a TRUBLUE Auto Belay next to your QUICKjump lets people choose what kind of descent experience they want.
  2. Put one on a treehouse, or a tree that your kids like to climb, or a backyard jungle gym.Treehouse Masters on Animal Planet did a camp-themed treehouse recently and put a TRUBLUE on a small climbing wall for the kids. 
  3. Forget climbing, use one to learn to repel like the Boy Scouts do. The idea is the scouts are clipped into the TRUBLUE while actually practicing a repel down the wall. If they make a mistake, the TRUBLUE catches and slowly lowers them to the ground.
  4. Use it to reduce risk in industries working with heights. Tree climbers, window washers, linemen, construction crews – anyone who goes up high could benefit. TRUBLUEs are modular and easy-to-install, meaning they can move as your project progresses. Anytime you're up high, with a risk of falling, consider mounting a TRUBLUE as a risk mitigation strategy.
  5. Take your dog for a walk. We don't recommend this, but hey, it worked for this guy:


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