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The Engineering and product development company announces new LightSpeed zip line trolleys that are set to transform the zip line market. Every feature of the LightSpeed EZ Clip and the LightSpeed Micro trolleys has been engineered specifically to maximize zip line performance.

Both trolleys feature self-contained ABEC rated bearings for increased lifespan and to make these the fastest compact trolleys available. Each trolley is designed with high-quality materials to be extremely durable yet lightweight. The front impact surfaces will withstand impact braking while also reducing wear on braking equipment. The unique backup carabiner slot holds the carabiner in place, even during impact braking, to prevent drag on the zip line cable.

The patent pending EZ Clip and Micro trolleys will join the existing Impact Trolley to form the LightSpeed series of zip line trolleys.

About the EZ Clip Trolley

The EZ Clip Trolley is a zip line guide’s dream. It is lightweight and designed for easy one-handed installation on the line to maximize throughput and to remove the risk of dropping a trolley from high platforms. The EZ Clip features a pivoting design that moves with a rider’s momentum for smooth deceleration during braking and keeps the trolley flat on the line.

About the Micro Trolley

It may be small, but don’t underestimate the Micro Trolley. This extremely durable trolley is made with ABEC rated bearings and high quality materials for a long lifespan. The Micro Trolley features a forward design that prevents the front sheave from lifting off the line, typical of other trolleys, during braking.

In the final design, the EZ Clip Trolley and the Micro Trolley share many features. They are both lightweight, durable, and small trolleys designed to withstand impact braking. Each trolley is made to with high-quality materials and high-performance bearings to increase lifespan and to maximize ROI. Both trolleys are made to last while also reducing wear on the zip line cable and other braking equipment.

The EZ Clip’s standout benefit is the one-handed installation. Ryan added a trigger feature to the design that can be activated by pressing it against the zip line cable for easy one-handed installations. This trigger feature has never been seen before on zip line trolleys and is patent-pending. Even though the trigger feature was not part of the original design, it’s become the embodiment of the EZ Clip Trolley and the fast and easy one-handed installation that makes it such a unique trolley.