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In a move to boost its adventure tourism offerings, Oman has opened a new thrilling attraction, the world's longest zipline over water. The zipline is a key feature of the newly launched Oman Adventure Centre, a project designed to provide unforgettable experiences for tourists who enjoy adventure and entertainment.

Unveiling the crown jewel of the Oman Adventure Centre, the world's longest over-sea zip line, extending a whopping 5,807 feet (1,770 meters)​​. Khasab, a charming port city on Oman's northern Musandam Peninsula, is the proud host of this adrenaline-pumping adventure. The zip line was certified by the Guinness World Records, establishing a new landmark in the realm of adventure tourism.

Inaugurated in April 2023, this dual zip line kicks off from the towering heights of 725 feet (220 meters) atop Jabal Fitt. It swoops over an ocean inlet, offering riders a stunning panoramic view of the Musandam Governorate's unique geography, before touching down at the Atana Khasab Hotel on Bassa Beach​. The thrill of gliding over the water extends for roughly 2,744 feet (836.24 meters), during which thrill-seekers can potentially hit speeds up to 50 mph (80 kph).

The Musandam Zip Line is a marvel of the Oman Adventure Centre, a trailblazing venture by the Omran Group and the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism. Operated by the expert team of Leisure and Entertainment Operations Services (LEOS), this center's mission is to turbocharge Oman's adventure tourism scene​1​. But this is just the beginning! Anticipate a medley of adrenaline-filled activities, including hiking and mountain biking, all designed to deliver unforgettable experiences to adventure enthusiasts from around the world​.

A paramount focus on safety sets the Musandam Zip Line apart. Each component underwent rigorous testing by specialized teams from various governmental authorities, ensuring a secure and exhilarating experience for all visitors​​. So gear up, embrace the natural beauty of Oman, and get ready to fly with us at the Oman Adventure Centre!

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