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Climbing park designer Active Forest Concepts rebrands itself Skywalker Adventure Builders after company restructuring.

The Dutch ECO high-wire forest park and adventure park manufacturer Active Forest Concepts announced today that all future business operations will be carried out under the new name of Skywalker Adventure Builders.

De Warre Adventure Park raises the standards for outdoor climbing activities!

The new Active Forest adventure park in near Neeroeteren will open its doors to the public in April 2010. The climbing facilities have been commissioned by the De Warre Equestrian Centre. "It has been a creative challenge, in particular regarding the beautiful natural setting of the site which we wanted to keep as unspoiled as possible," explains Ewout van Voorst, the commercial director of AFC. "And we simply love challenges. The client had some very specific ideas and requirements which we took on board. And the eventual concept has been developed in close cooperation with our client."

The ECO treetop walk: a fascinating experience.

The most widely known treetop walkway of the Netherlands is located in the Drenthe natural reserve run by the Staatsbosbeheer association. The Drenthe treetop walk is a unique concept with huge public appeal, thus featuring regularly in a whole range of very popular outdoor leisure activity programs organised by communal and private institutions.

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