Saferoller Smart-Belay3

Successful mediation between entrepreneurs, investors and governmental development bodies, enabling profitable Public–Private partnership in the Active Leisure sector.

Over the past years, the Netherland-based ropes course designer Skywalker Adventure Builders has been lobbying regional development agencies (RDAs) and local government bodies to make eco-friendly sport and leisure concepts an integral part of their planning strategies.

Joint venture between adventure course designer, telecom masts experts and telecommunication companies set to create new attraction for climbing enthusiasts.

Nowadays, telecommunication masts are not only an integral part of every landscape all across Europe. They also represent an additional source of income for landowners who are willing to rent out a plot to telecom companies and utility providers for their phone masts or electricity pylons.

New ECO forest ropes course design sets new standards for durability and nature experience.

The recent completion and certification of the Simia high-wire forestpark in Wekerom underlined Netherland-based Skywalker Adventure Builders' role as one of Europe's leading manufacturers of forest ropes courses and nature playgrounds.

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