Saferoller Smart-Belay3

Dutch ropes course design specialist gets the nod from US manufacturer.

Over the past years, zip-lines and Flying Foxes have become very popular with people of all age groups , now not only forming an integral part of many adventure parks, sports and leisure facilities, playgrounds and climbing forests, but also being operated as a commercially successful standalones in many countries . "These days, it's high velocity zip-lines in particular, that serve as major customer attractions," confirms Ewout van Voorst, Managing Director of the Dutch specialist company Skywalker Adventure Builders, one of Europe's leading manufacturers of adventure parks and ropes courses.

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Experiencing nature actively during childhood essential for growing into healthy adults.

Just twenty years ago, most children and teenagers were still walking to school every day, also spending the bulk of their pastime playing outdoors. However, things have changed dramatically within one generation: TV, computers, game consoles, smartphones and legions of electronic media now provide what youngsters consider as genuine entertainment. Moreover, society, these days forced to focus more and more on Health and Safety issues, inadvertently promotes keeping children indoors, favouring, if any, regimented "safe" physical activities over imaginative play.

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Swiss innovations by Saferoller "Fun & Thrills" to the next Dimension !

With the following purpose: More Value - Grand Simplicity - For Less ...  Kanopeo is launching outstanding new products divided into: the "Premium Rolling" Line and the "Eco Sliding" Line. Saferoller belay is an integrated "safety & movement" system with an unique paradox: Even more impressive elements by maximum safety.

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