Saferoller Smart-Belay3

Introducing the new Edelrid Smart Belay X. The Smart Belay X is an enhanced version of our legendary Smart Belay—now with innovative magnetic technology for continuous safety and maximum freedom of movement on your high ropes course. A new feature is the magnetic locking mechanism—the Smart Belay's opening mechanism is only released by an integrated magnet after contact with the steel cable.SmartBelayX banner 1200

The Self-braking Zip line trolley with integrated magnetic brake

The MAG Trolley is equipped with a powerful and incrementally adjustable and Integrated Magnetic Brake. The integrated Eddy Current Brake means that we are able to slow down the rider to a manageable speed without friction, heat or wear on the cable. Therefore greatly reducing the maintenance needed to the zipline cables and the trolley as well.

A white-knuckle ride, billed as Europe's first roller coaster zipline, has now launched in the North East where visitors are invited to hit the heights this summer. Following months of planning, the custom-built Kielder ZipCoaster is offering adrenaline junkies a thrilling ride where they will feel both the free-flying sensation of a zipwire and the ups and downs, and twists and turns, of a rollercoaster.

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