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With Disney set to open Star Wars-themed lands at two of its parks in 2019, people of all alliances can expect a thorough mashing-up of the iconic film franchise and Disneyland’s thrills. But one perfect combination of ride and movie, a combination that’s really just sitting there waiting to be implemented, would be a roller coaster zipline running through the forests of Endor.

This particular roller coaster zipline is a ride that’s been developed by European company Skywalker (yes, that’s really it’s name), which focuses on building “Advanced High Ropes Course solutions for the leisure and tourism industry.” In other words, Skywalker provides the architecture for zipline rides through forests that treat riders to something akin to a stock market crash or the first six months of any intensely romantic relationship.

Roller Coaster Zipline GIF 0530217 

Skywalker says that it can lay out a track as long as 250 meters (about 820 feet) throughout an adequate forest, and launch riders at a rate of about 60 an hour. That math means that each ride lasts roughly one minute (assuming a given rider must make it to the end of the course before a new rider begins), and, as you can plainly see, is spent entirely using the rider as a plaything for the laws of motion and gravity. And if this kind of thing is up your alley, now imagine the forested surroundings of the ride populated with Ewoks, AT-ST’s, and Imperial stormtroopers firing “lasers” or something at you. That would be fun on a yub nub.

Aside from hypothetical Star Wars land roller coaster zipline mash-up machinations, you can still partake in this kind of ride here in the U.S., including at this place in Florida. (Hint hint, Disney.)

What do you think about this roller coaster zipline and the idea of combining this unique ride with Star Wars land?