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As the knowledge and development organization in the field of challenging adventure concepts, we address the four major trends in the adventure industry: safety, expanding and differentiated offerings, adding exciting attractions that generate new revenues and zipline trolley innovation.

Trend 1: Safety

While we think safety should be a top priority every single day, that isn’t always the reality when you look at actual day-to-day operations. Running a “safe” operation is multi-faceted, covering staff training and expectations and equipment inspection and upgrades. We were happy to see a definitive effort being undertaken to increase the safety of zip line operations and make the activity more enjoyable.

Running a safe operation not only reduces your risk and liability, it helps satisfy customers and both of these have a big impact on your bottom line. Risk is expensive. Unsatisfied customers limit future revenues. It’s in your best interest to do everything you can to increase safety this year.Specific to zip lines, we have noticed a few common risky mistakes, many of which are easily fixable.

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